"In my business, first impressions are of utmost importance. That's why we hire New York Limo. They have never failed to provide timely, responsive service. They treat every client like they're our most important client. That translates into valuable business relationships for us. Their service is priceless."
- Mark

"After reading about New York Limo while I was planning my best friend's bachelorette party I decided to hire them to drive us around Manhattan for bar and club hopping. I'm so glad that I did! We didn't have to wait to get to the bar to get the party started because we were having such a good time in the limo. Our driver even know about some great bars that we'd never heard of. Now we're looking for an excuse to have another limo night!!!"
- Rachel

"Anyone living in New York knows that getting to the airport can be a big hassle, with the traffic and finding an empty cab (or taking public transportation). My secret is New York Limo. I used to arrive at the airport already frenzied just from the trek to get there, which just isn't the way to start any trip. Now I'm relaxed and prepared for whatever might come at me when I get there. Some might call it an indulgence, but this is a little luxury that I afford myself -- I think of it as an investment. And it truly does pay off."
- Elliot

"New York Limo started off as a compromise between me and my teenaged son. We live in Staten Island, and of course he didn't want me or his dad to drop him off at his prom. But he doesn't have his driver's license yet. He raised half the money and we paid for the rest, and on the night of the prom he had the best ride there -- and impressed his date. We were so impressed with New York Limo that we've recommended it to other parents. My sister is even using them for her entire wedding party."
- Wendy